Olessia Kantor’s life has dealt her an interesting hand. Her professional training and vast life experience have defined the woman she’s become and her life’s mission. She’s taken the lessons she’s learned in both her professional and personal lives to offer people a unique approach to examining, enhancing, and improving every aspect of their own lives.

Today, Olessia is the proud creator behind an approach known as called The Art of Personal Empowerment™. With this approach, Olessia combines her affinity for storytelling, expertise in the arts, and her formulation of various meditative techniques aimed at increasing consciousness, in order to introduce practical methods for defining and living up to one’s potential.

Olessia developed, applied, and refined The Art of Personal Empowerment™ in response to the numerous challenges she’s faced throughout her life. Throughout all she’s overcome, she has held to her unwavering determination to find deep fulfillment in everything she does. Olessia’s story is not simply one of personal triumph, however. It reflects a deep commitment to sharing with others the tools she’s discovered. When practiced and applied, these tools have a remarkable, positive impact on the way we live our lives.




Born within the confines of the former Soviet Union, Olessia was innately curious about various cultures and the world that existed beyond “the wall.” She found herself immediately stifled by her country’s strict censorship, which isolated her and her follow countrymen from the vibrant arts which were shaping the world beyond the confines of communism. Graduating with a degree in journalism, she embarked on a career in reporting. Despite her great professional success, she found that the censorship which surrounded her forced her only to reflect the ideologies of the ruling party rather than permit her to share her own perspectives. She knew in order to live a free and creative life, she had to find a way out from under the grayness of Russia, a place she describes as “devoid of all color, with the exception of the occasional splash of red from the flag”.

In 1998, Olessia immigrated to Israel and immediately found herself surrounded by an exhilarating culture, full of the sights, sounds, and freedoms she had been in search of. Shortly after arriving and giving birth to her youngest daughter, she faced the devastating blow of a divorce. As a means of supporting herself and rebuilding her life as a single mother to four young daughters, she started working in the diamond industry. She eventually became a certified gemologist and a successful diamond dealer. In addition to affording her a solid financial future, her path allowed her to travel extensively. One of the places she spent a lot of time was Africa, where she found herself mesmerized by the duality of the continent- on one side immense poverty and on the other, a culture alive with the sights and sounds that make Africa such a dynamic and lively place.

During one of her many trips, Olessia chose to ignore her gut instinct telling her not to board a particular flight. It was just a short matter of time until she became the survivor of a plane crash. Her plane crashed in a remote area within the jungle. It was during her 8-hour walk from the crash site back to civilization that she reflected on her life. She made a commitment to hone and trust in her intuition. She made a promise to herself to live a life replete with philanthropic purpose, a life in which she would give back to the world and causes that had supported her throughout her life’s many journeys.

Having a penchant for the arts and a background in gems, in 2010 Olessia moved to the United States. There, she advised high-net worth individuals on their investments in art and precious gems. She attended both Columbia and NYU during this time and focused her studies on the Appraisal and Valuation of Art, as well as Crisis Management and Leadership. In addition, she began working for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she conducted private tours of the museum’s many collections and supported many restoration projects by securing private donors to commission the critical work.

Olessia is currently transforming her life’s work into a series of books. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Enigma Life, an online content destination aimed at providing people with the tools that empower them to examine, explore, and enhance their daily lives.

She is the creator behind an approach called The Art of Personal Empowerment™, which combines her affinity for storytelling, expertise in the arts, and her formulation of various meditative techniques aimed at increasing one’s intuition consciousness to provide practical methods for defining and living up to one’s potential.

Olessia is currently based in Tel Aviv, but spends her time in Rome and New York as well. There, she supports a variety of causes. She is a Patron of the Arts in the Vatican Museum, and an avid supporter of TED, Carnegie Hall, New York City Center, the Haifa Design School, and an assortment of other organizations.


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